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Handmade v Homemade? To DIY or Not ? That is the question.Wedding Invitations

Every year we get a number of brides who contact us to make their Invitations after attempting to DIY their own,

 and while in the process realise that even though they want the look of the Handmade Invitations

often what they ended up with was the “Home-made” Invitation..

Is there a difference?

In one word…


Before we begin, let’s define Handmade and Homemade.

Handmade is something exquisitely designed and beautifully made
   Homemade is where that great idea you had looks well… homemade!!

Having been raised by a super DIY diva (my mum!!)  she said to made sure that if making something from scratch,

it looks beautifully handmade and not just something that looks like its been thrown together as an afterthought.

It’s important to focus on the details when you’re making something on your own however do not get

too obsessive over it.

Your personal style should shine through, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure

that what you’re sending out looks like a million bucks.

Research Research Research!!!

Spend time browsing invites that you really adore. Browse through all the invitation suppliers websites.

They are great for getting ideas from and even if you don’t see anything you love take the bits from each invite you do like and use them to create your dream invitation.

Perhaps it’s the simple design of a rose ,  the sheen of the pearlescent paper

or it’s a beautiful bit of lace hugging the recycled paper that introduces your eco-chic celebration;

whatever inspires you will help the process of keeping this DIY project beautiful.

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 Choose fabulous,high quality, papers..
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 Think about the size before you cut the paper!
The reason for this is that you need to put your invitation in an envelope and envelopes
are mainly made in standard sizes.
Use the correct glue!
This might sound obvious, but we have heard of invitations falling apart
when the envelope is opened due to the wrong glue used.
Good craft glues will stick everything you need.
Double sided tape is also brilliant for sticking in the inserts.
Think about a single colour scheme
Use accents of colour to enhance your wedding invite.
Neutrals are good.
Carry the colour scheme through to your wording and detailing,
it gives the air of a well thought out, well designed invite.
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A beautiful piece of board, simply folded and embellished with a single button,
a diamante heart, a feather or a row of Swarovski crystals can look elegant,stunning and extremely tasteful.

Create something unique

By all means use the ideas from other invites you liked but
make sure your design is unique and something you are proud of.

Last but not least Take your time !!!
Make one invite and then stop.
This will give you time to consider your processes
and think about easier techniques

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